Good Jane Capsules


Life’s rich, but it can be a b*tch.

Work, family, & more may offer a lot, but managing them all can be stressful AF. It can add up to more anxiety, more aches, and a lot less rest. Good Jane offers a discreetly different way to deal–with CBD powered, botanically-infused products engineered to help you sleep, chill, and feel better. Because we’re down with making your grown-up life easier.

How To Use: Start with one capsule daily, taken orally, for 3 days. Gradually increase until desired results are achieved (up to 3 capsules per day).

Store in a dry place at room temperature. Do not leave jar exposed to direct sunlight.
30 capsules (15mg CBD each)

Hello Mellow Certificate of Analysis – Lab Test
Nighty Night Certificate of Analysis – Lab Test

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